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Do you have a long essay to write and you don’t know where to start? Perhaps you are diving into Shakespeare or you want advice on your writing or reading skills. Whatever the help you require – don’t panic, our English tutors have achieved top marks in their English exams, and are well-placed to help you through yours.

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English isn’t an easy subject to master, with often no ‘right or wrong’ answer, so it’s important to have a tutor which understands the requirements of your course syllabus and your personal needs. With a tutor, you’ll soon be enjoying English and improving lesson confidence.

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It doesn’t matter if you’re struggling with vocabulary and spelling in KS2 or analysing works of British literature at A Level – we’ve got an amazing English tutor for you.

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English Literature enhances your ability to be critical and analytical. It opens up your mind and imagination, helping you to think independently and increase your knowledge and understanding of a variety of literature. The course will develop your ability to write accurately and clearly. You will learn to research, plan and prepare your responses using your own ideas and interests. You will discover how to be creative when explaining themes, characters, settings and their influences through social, cultural and historical situations. If you enjoy reading a wide range of literature and exploring issues and ideas within texts, then this course is ideal for you.

Since we are an online tutoring company, we have the best online English Literature Tutors in the UK, and you can sign up here to work with them for your English Literature problems and coursework in minutes. Looking at our English tutors profiles, you will be able to find English tutors from University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and the Russell group.

Teach9 loves to share! Below is a list of key topics, which we think you should really focus on if you're aiming for a grade C and above in your English GCSE and A Level exams.

What career can I pursue studying English Literature?

An English Literature is a great option if you are looking for a job that involves communication, writing and/or literary knowledge. For example, in areas such as Administration, Communication, Journalism/Publishing, Marketing or Teaching.
Journalism and publishing can lead to editorial work, proofreading and correcting books before they go to print. A job in advertising, public relations or the press is also an option with a qualification in English Literature.
With further study, teaching is another profession open to you. Or you could even work for an arts organization and try to secure funding material for a museum or a gallery. Even sectors like law, business, social work and politics are open to you.

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