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Having trouble with GCSE or A Level Business Studies? Whether you’ve got to research business practices throughout the world or write a report on marketing concepts, our Business Studies tutors are here to help.

Whether you need to understand the stages of photosynthesis, how to apply Newton’s Laws or have a long laboratory report to write, we’ve got the expert science tutors you need.

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No matter your needs, you can be sure we have an expert Business Studies tutor that’s right for you. Our Business tutors are experts in their field, having studied the subject to university level, and will tailor the lesson to suit your individual needs and requirement.

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We have expert Business Studies tutors available for each school level through to A Levels. Whether you need assistance with basic financial reporting, or have an essay on product life cycle - we have the right Business Studies tutor to see you excel in your studies.

Why study Business Studies?

A Business School degree gives you abilities that will enable you to succeed in any situation in any area of your life. Business Studies is an investment in your future, and the ride really is a lot of fun! That’s why Teach9’s online Business Studies tutors are here to help.

Since we are an online tutoring company, we have the best online Business Studies tutors in the UK, and you can sign up here to work with them for your Business problems and coursework in minutes. Looking at the profiles of our Business Studies tutors, you will be able to find Oxford and Cambridge educated Business tutors, Business Studies tutors from the Russel group, Business Studies tutors for GCSE, A Level, 11+ exams and Business Studies tutors for 13+ exams.

Teach9 loves to share! Below is a list of key topics, which we think you should really focus on if you're aiming for a grade C and above in your Business Studies GCSE and A Level exams.

  • Aims and organizations

  • Enterprise and entrepreneurship

  • People in business

  • Production

  • Business environment

What skills will you learn?

As a graduate you will need a set of transferable skills to guarantee your success. The skills and knowledge that you get from your Business degree will help you gain an excellent foundation for many careers. These skills contain:

Critical and Creative Thinking

You will develop thinking skills and an enquiring mind. You will:

  • Analyse problems and evaluate solutions.

  • Use your judgment and make decisions.

  • Engage in reflective and creative thinking.

Research and Analysis

By studying Business GCSE and A-Levels, you will be able to recognise when information is needed and when will it have the capacity to locate, evaluate and use this information effectively through the use of:

  • Analytical and search skills.

  • Business models and frameworks.

  • Data analysis.

  • Information technologies.

Communication Skills

All employers want graduates who are excellent in communicating knowledge, ideas, recommendations and decisions making.

Our Business Studies tutors will make sure that you will be able to:

  • Develop sound oral and written communication skills, including the ability to make professional presentations.

  • Develop coherent and justified arguments.

  • Strengthen interpersonal communication skills , including the ability to work in teams.

  • Learn to effectively consult and negotiate.

Personal Development

You will possess an understanding of values and attitudes consistent with your role as a citizen and member of your professional community. You will have the capacity:

  • To identify and deal with ethical issues.

  • To interact effectively with and show sensitivity towards others.

  • To exercise leadership in local, national, global and professional communities.

  • To adapt to uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.

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