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GCSE, Primary

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Hadi Ali


Hadi is a practicing lawyer working for Justice Project. He earned his Qualifying Law Degree from Newcastle University Law School. He has previously worked with Citizens Advice Bureau as a Trainee Advisor. Hadi advised numerous clients on their legal issues regarding benefits, debt and consumer adjudication. He has also worked as an Advocate for Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) at Advocacy Centre North. He spent his gap year teaching children from remote areas. His specialities include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, general science and Maths. As his final year placement, Hadi has worked at the Magistrate Court Newcastle. Hadi now works at a legal pro-bono charity where he represents death row prisoners, police torture victims and migrant workers trapped abroad. Hadi specialises in Public Law, Criminal Law, Human rights, and Constitutional law. Though his experiences, he has developed strong communication skills, adaptability and humility, which he believes are a must-have to excel as a tutor. Hadi thinks that it is of utmost importance for students to follow a career path close to their heart, which according to him is the road to success.


Biology(GCSE), Chemistry(GCSE), Physics(GCSE), English(GCSE), Science(Primary), Maths(Primary), English(Primary)


Newcastle University



    Rose Robert

    Haid is a really friendly and patient tutor. He adapted to my learning style very quickly and explained concepts such as expanding brackets in algebraic form with ease. I felt so much more confident after the first session than I did in my entire time at school!

    Grace Walker

    The one thing I love about Hadi is his ability to explain everything in detail. He explains complex theories in a simple step by step method, which is extremely helpful to someone like me. He is very patient with all my questions and queries, and handles them kindly.

    Elizabeth Wright

    Hadi delivers very structured, yet flexible lessons. He helped me revise for my GCSE Chemistry tests. He used to make sure the lessons were perfectly tailored for my learning needs. I enjoyed his sessions very much and made real progress in a few weeks. Thank you Hadi!

    Anne Robinson

    My younger brother, although very good in concepts, lacked maths practice. He would make very silly mistakes in his exams. Hadi, one of Teach9’s most trusted tutors, identified the problem as well as helped him overcome it.

    Johnie Thomas

    Really helpful and understanding, very patient and explains questions very well!

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